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Working with Everhire provides you with an unprecedented level of feedback and support from a dedicated Everhire Recruiting Manager as well as access to our software to help you expand your business and income while improving your experience as a recruiter.

Everhire gives top recruiters across the US a platform to grow their business, get more placements, and get paid. 

Recruit with Everhire

We Bring You New Business

We bring you open, fillable positions so you can spend more time recruiting and less time on finding new business.

Work as Much or Little as You Want, Anywhere You Want

Work from bed, on the beach, in the morning, or in the middle of the night.  Everhire doesn’t specify required hours or locations.

Feedback on Every Candidate

Receive feedback on every candidate you submit along with thoughts from your Recruiting Manager on how to improve your traction.

Unlimited Access to an Insanely Responsive Recruiting Manager

Call, email and text as often as you like with a dedicated Recruiting Manager who does everything they can to help you get your candidates placed.

Higher Earning Potential

Just one placement per month with us earns you the same amount you'd make as a full-time corporate recruiter.

Customized Assignments – No Bidding Required

Enjoy assignments that are customized to your background and assigned to you by your Recruiting Manager.


Recruiter Platform

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Earn privileges and rewards, including access to candidate databases
Check job details and updates as your search progresses
Receive feedback on every candidate you submit
Build and manage your personal database of candidates
Submit, update, and track candidates through their interview process

How it Works

Get Started


Fill out our application. Tell us a little about yourself and your recruiting background, as well as why you think Everhire is a good fit for you.

Next Step

Working with Us


Submit & Track Candidates

Submit candidates and track them through the interview process on the Everhire platform.  We'll make sure you have the information on openings that you need.

Support & Communication

Most of our recruiters talk with their Recruiting Manager multiple times per week for updates, guidance, candidate management, and more.


Get Paid

We follow up with our clients to make sure you’re paid on time.  We’re paid when you are, so we do everything we can to get you more placements.

Everhire by the Numbers


Average payout to date

< 4 hours

Average recruiting manager response time


Of candidates get phone screens

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