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"Hiring is the hardest thing founders do, period. And in this crazy talent market it’s getting more grueling. The average founder dedicates 50% of their time to the task."


-- First Round Capital Website

Founders typically rely heavily on their network for their first few hires, but as they grow, they find that they quickly need to find additional sources of talent.  Posting to job boards can work for some roles, but often take too much time to find the right person – there’s a reason it’s called “post and pray”.  And unless you have a well-known brand, your careers page probably isn’t generating a lot of inbound talent.


The best candidates are often passive and need to be found and convinced to join your company.  Networking events can work, but they take a lot of internal effort and only attract local talent.  And agencies are too expensive to rely on heavily.


Everhire fills the hole in the recruiting market that exists for growing tech companies.  Our service is designed specifically for these companies, helping them to hire the best talent for their company quickly, sustainably, and scalably.


We’re a tech-enabled service, but we’re human-driven at our core.  We allow you to take advantage of our national network of highly vetted remote recruiters through a dedicated Recruiting Manager, improving your recruiting speed and quality of your candidates, while lowering internal cost and time and improving operational efficiency.


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